Udbetaling Danmark

Udbetaling Danmark pays family benefits and maternity/paternity benefits, the state-funded old-age pension, disability pension, housing benefits, International pension, International social security and foreign pension in Denmark to about two million Danes every year.

Udbetaling Danmark is a local authority administered by ATP. Udbetaling Danmark is part of an agreement between Local Government Denmark and the Danish central government made in June 2010 to consolidate public services in five braches as of autumn 2012.

Following a two-year phasing-in period, this centralisation will generate annual cost savings for the municipalities of just under DKK 300 million. The savings will be paid back to the municipalities that can spend the money in other areas.

The vast majority of Udbetaling Danmark’s customer service takes place through www.borger.dk where citizens can get an overview of and apply for the different benefits. Furthermore, it is possible to call and send digital mail to Udbetaling Danmark.

Udbetaling Danmark in brief

Udbetaling Danmark is administered by ATP.

Udbetaling Danmark pays DKK 180 billion to 2 million citizens each year.

Udbetaling Danmark has five branches located in Frederikshavn, Holstebro, Haderslev, Vordingborg and Hillerød. In addition, two temporary branches are located in Odense and Aarhus.

See Udbetaling Danmark's website (in Danish)