Udbetaling Danmark

Udbetaling Danmark is the authority responsible for the collection, disbursement and control of a number of public benefits.

Udbetaling Danmark is a public authority administered by the ATP Group.

Udbetaling Danmark is responsible for a number of public benefits:

  • State-funded old-age pension
  • Disability pension
  • Housing benefits
  • Maternity/paternity benefits
  • Family benefits
  • International pension and social security

Citizens are served by telephone, and via digital mail and self-service at borger.dk and Virk.dk where citizens can view their data, apply and write to Udbetaling Danmark. If 'face-to-face' service is needed, this takes place via Borgerservice (Citizen Service) and the municipality – also in case of questions regarding Udbetaling Danmark.

Udbetaling Danmark is also responsible for ensuring that citizens at all times comply with the conditions for receiving the respective benefits. The objective is more uniform and efficient case handling through joint administration. The gain is more uniform service in compliance with best practice, which ultimately helps to strengthen the rule of law.

Udbetaling Danmark – in brief

Udbetaling Danmark assumed regulatory responsibility for municipal benefits during the period from 1 October 2012 to 1 March 2013. The responsibility for international pension and social security tasks was transferred from the former Danish Pensions Agency to Udbetaling Danmark on 1 June 2013.

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ATP provides the services on a cost-recovery basis, and Udbetaling Danmark settles with the municipalities based on an administration fee. Following a two-year phasing-in period, Udbetaling Danmark is to release DKK 300m a year, which will be returned to the municipalities.

Udbetaling Danmark disburses about DKK 200bn a year to approx. 2m citizens.

Each month, the administration receives some: 170,000 telephone calls, 80,000 written inquiries and 200,000 notifications about changes in citizens' situation.

Legal framework

Udbetaling Danmark is a publicly regulated independent institution with regulatory responsibility. The authority was established when, in June 2010, Local Government Denmark and the then government entered into an agreement to consolidate parts of the objective case handling functions under one authority, effective from the autumn of 2012.

As the proper legal framework was in place and the Group has long experience with similar tasks, ATP was selected to administer Udbetaling Danmark.

See the act on Udbetaling Danmark


Udbetaling Danmark is managed by a Supervisory Board and a COO.

The Supervisory Board consists of a Chairman and eight other Board members. All nine members are appointed by the Danish Minister for Social Affairs. These appointments are based on the following nominations: Local Government Denmark nominates the Chairman and five Board members, the Ministry of Employment nominates one Board member, and the Minister for Social Affairs nominates two members.

The Management of Udbetaling Danmark, ATP

Lilian Mogensen, COO
Carsten Bodal, Deputy Director
Michel Weber, Head of Customer Service