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An outline of the ATP Group's press releases for the past five years. Are you looking for a press release before 2016, please contact the Press Room:

February 11: ATP realises second best annual results ever

December 21: Six leading Danish foundations and associations adopt the pension sector’s Tax Code of Conduct

October 29: ATP’s investment return has more than made up for the losses in the first quarter

September 1: ATP achieves investment returns of DKK 17bn for Q2 and catches up with a large share of the investment return loss from Q1

April 30: ATP’s lifelong guarantees to members remain intact after the financial unrest in Q1

February 18: ATP and PFA sell stakes in VIA equity

February 6: ATP delivers best ever annual result

January 20: New signatories to joint Tax Code of Conduct

November 6: ATP appoints new Chief Investment Officer

October 24: ATP achieves the highest ever investment return for the first three quarters of the year

August 28: ATP achieves investment returns of DKK 29.6bn for H1

June 18: ATP appoints CEO

May 23: ATP rallies to strengthen the global foreign exchange market

April 30: ATP posts historic DKK 20bn return for the first quarter of the year

February 13: The Cardano Group acquires NOW: Pensions

February 7: The investment portfolio lost 3.2 per cent in 2018

November 26: The board appoints Bo Foged interim CEO of ATP

November 26: CEO of ATP, Christian Hyldahl, has decided to step down

October 30: ATP achieves a return of DKK 6.9bn in the first three quarters of 2018

August 29: ATP delivers return of DKK 4.1bn in H1

June 22: ATP adjusts its life expectancy model and projects longer life expectancies

April 25: The investment portfolio lost 1 per cent during Q1

February 8: ATP achieved exceptional investment return of DKK 29.7bn in 2017

December 14: ATP’s Supervisory Board nominates new chairman

October 26: ATP delivers very strong performance with a DKK 24.6bn return in the investment portfolio in Q1-Q3

September 14: ATP buy shares in Copenhagen Airports for DKK 9,765 billion

September 12: Institutional OW Bunker investors also bring legal action against the issuing banks Morgan Stanley and Carnegie

August 30: ATP delivers strong H1 performance, with a DKK 14.7bn return in the investment portfolio

April 27: ATP delivers strong Q1 with a DKK 7.8bn return in the investment portfolio

February 8: ATP posts investment return of DKK 15.3bn in 2016

December 8: Danish pension companies have resumed membership of the organisation PRI

October 28: ATP’s Board of Directors appoints Christian Hyldahl as new CEO

October 25: ATP posts YTD return of DKK 12.3 per cent in the investment portfolio following a strong quarter

August 26: ATP CEO Carsten Stendevad resigns

August 25: ATP posted strong return in H1 2016

June 2: Henrik Gade Jepsen to leave ATP – Kasper Ahrendt Lorenzen appointed Chief Investment Officer

April 28: ATP posted a return in the investment portfolio of DKK 418m in Q1 2016

April 4: Institutional investors bring legal action against OW Bunker players

February 4: ATP records profit of DKK 8.5bn before increase in pensions