Our purpose

ATP was created to ensure a financial security in Denmark. We work for the benefit of both individuals and society and our contribution is via responsible investments and an effective administration of the pension and welfare system that forms our common safety net.


For the benefit of all of society

At ATP, we are working every day to ensure a financial security - for all Danes, throughout their lives.

We do so by creating good and stable returns on our investments that are to ensure that both current and future pensioners receive a lifelong supplement to their state pension - ATP Livslang Pension (Lifelong Pension). And we do so by properly and efficiently administering core welfare benefits such as, for example, holiday pay, maternity/paternity pay and rent subsidies.


ATP is growing as its responsibilities increase

ATP was founded in 1964 to ensure Danish pensioners would have a supplement to their state pension. Today, we are one of Europe’s largest pension funds with 5.6 million members and pension assets exceeding DKK 712 bn.

Over time, we have been given a large number of tasks by the state, municipalities and the social partners, and altogether, this now means that ATP pays welfare and social security benefits amounting to around DKK 300 bn per year. This corresponds to around two out of every three Danish kroner in welfare spending.

Danish society has entrusted us with this task, and this is a responsibility that we take very seriously in every part of our business. We must earn the trust of Danes every day, and this means we must have high standards for decency, transparency and, not least, sustainability in our work. Both when it comes to investments, our organisation and our management.


ATP as a responsible investor

At ATP, we have a particular kind of responsibility as practically the entire Danish population is saving up for their pensions with ATP. Therefore, investing these pension savings is one of our most important tasks.

But what does that really mean, being a responsible investor? And what are ATP’s views on themes such as climate, stewardship and taxation?