ATP is where some of the sharpest minds in Denmark work with pensions, investment and administration. We guarantee you a career that fulfils your professional ambitions and, at the same time, benefits our society.

A job with meaning

ATP was created to ensure financial security in Denmark. We work for the benefit of both individuals and society, and our contribution is made through responsible investments and an effective administration of the pension and welfare system that forms our common safety net. 

Our efforts are making a difference that can be measured in kroner and ører (euros and cents) - and we need the best people in order to reach our goals and solve the tasks that we have been entrusted with, now and in the future.

This responsibility also results in a meaningful career, and we are proud to be able to offer that.

An ambitious environment

Our results have made ATP exemplary when it comes to pensions, investments and administration. Regardless of which part of the organisation you will be joining, you will find some of Denmark’s top workers in their fields: from investment experts and IT architects to customer advisors, lawyers, economists and data specialists.

As a result, we also have high expectations for our employees. If you are able to develop yourself and your surroundings, you will be given the space to leave your mark.

A balanced working life

A healthy working life requires a flexible organisation with room for each individual employee - and we offer that. We are ambitious when it comes to both professional results and the well-being of our employees.

We believe in creating a working environment with great colleagues, and we insist on a friendly workplace culture with hands-on management, personal development, solidarity and good health.

We want ATP to be a great workplace.

ATP employees