As a pension provider, investor, and administrator of welfare benefits to all Danes, ATP has an important role in society. This role comes with a unique kind of responsibility. For us, responsibility is both about the way we invest and the way we ensure a responsible workplace.

Green investments

We have clear ambitions to invest green:

2025: DKK 100bn 
2030: DKK 200bn
2021-status: DKK 61.4bn

Read our conditions for climate ambitions

Carbon neutrality

We aim to reduce the carbon emissions from our investments and workplace by:

2025: 30%
2030: 70%
2050: 100%
Baseline: 2018

Gender-balanced leadership

We want to ensure gender balanced leadership across business functions and levels.

2025-target: 60/40 gender balance
2022-status for women/men:
Supervisory Board: 46/54
Group Management: 43/57
Directors: 51/49
Managers: 57/43
ATP: 56/44

CO2 reporting

We want full transparency of our investment portfolio’s carbon footprint 

2025: all portfolio companies must report on their CO2 emissions.



ATP has a unique kind of social responsibility because we solve tasks for almost all citizens and companies in Denmark - as a pension provider, investor, and administrator of welfare benefits. 

Each year, we publish a report where you can get a comprehensive overview of our work with sustainability both in investments and in the workplace.