Responsible workplace

As a responsible company, we are focused on reducing our environmental impact and contributing to the green transition. We also want to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion for our employees.

A greener ATP

As a large company with offices and employees across all of Denmark, we recognize our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. We set clear reduction ambitions and integrate climate and environmental considerations into our procurement and decision-making processes and in our operations. 

We monitor and measure our CO2 emissions both for scopes 1, 2, and 3. Our 2030 ambition is to reduce ATP’s CO2 emissions by 70 per cent (baseline 2018). In addition, we set clear targets for increasing organic food and reducing our meat consumption, disposable items, and waste. 

Diversity and inclusion

ATP aims to be a diverse and competitive workplace - both now and in the future. Therefore, we set ambitious targets to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is about unleashing our employees’ full potential, ensuring a safe work environment and a workforce that reflects the society we are a part of. 

Our approach is data-driven. We work to ensure equal career opportunities as well as gender-balanced leadership across departments and levels. For example, we incorporate inclusive language in our job descriptions, anonymize age and name in job applications, hire across the age spectrum, and help vulnerable groups become part of the Danish labour market through our programme “FASE”.

Work-life balance

A healthy work-life balance requires flexibility. Mental and physical health is a key factor that allows our employees to perform optimally, reach their full potential, and deliver great results. That is why, for many years, we have focused on preventing stress and promoting well-being and work-life balance.

We set ambitious targets for employee satisfaction. In the latest survey, our employee engagement score was 82 (out of 100), and 86 (out of 100) experience ATP as an inclusive company. Furthermore, we are the only financial company certified by ISO 45001 occupational health and safety. The certification is rewarded to those how makes extraordinary efforts to ensure a high level of health and safety.

Green electricity

Three of our locations have solar panels. At the ATP office in Hillerød, our electricity consumption is partially covered by a 1,200 m2 solar power unit. We have also installed 80 charging stations for electric cars at our locations.

53% of women in leadership

We want to ensure gender-balanced leadership across departments and levels.

2025-target: 40/60 gender balance
2022-status for women/men:
Supervisory Board: 46/54
Executive-level: 17/83
Deputy director: 48/52
ATP Group: 53/47

Inclusive recruitment

We incorporate inclusive language in our job descriptions. Gender and age are removed from job applications, and we ask applicants not to upload pictures.

High levels of well-being

ATP is certified by ISO 45001 standard for occupational health and safety. In our latest survey, our employee engagement score was 82 (out of 100) placing ATP at the absolute top compared to peers.