Policies and guidelines for responsibility

Our Supervisory Board has approved The ATP Group’s Diversity and inclusion policy that provides a framework for how we ensure diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Our Guidelines for Sustainable Procurement in ATP ensure a sustainable focus in procurement processes.

Policy for diversity and inclusion

ATP aims to be a competitive and attractive organisation that is able to attract, retain and develop a resourceful and competent workforce. Additionally, we want to be an inclusive organisation with equal opportunities that values diversity.

Read our diversity and inclusion policy


Guidelines for sustainable procurement

Our Guidelines for sustainable procurement in ATP ensure, that a sustainable focus is embedded into each procurement process and practice. Through the guidelines, ATP, as a partner of The Partnership for Green Public Procurement, follows the twelve specified green procurement objectives.

Read our sustainable procurement guidelines


The Committee for Responsibility

ATP’s “Committee for Responsibility” ensures that responsibility and environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns and issues are embedded in our investment analysis and decisions. ATP’s CEO, Head of ESG, Head of CSR and our ESG team serve the committee and implement decisions made by the committee.