Responsibility reports and publications

ATP reports on its responsibility activities. On these pages, you will find ATP’s responsibility reports and publications from recent years.

Responsibility Report 2020

Stewardship 2020

ESG in Illiquid Assets 2020

Human Capital 2020

Tax 2020

Climate 2020

Fact-finding 2020

Sustainable Development Goals 2020

ATP as a responsible investor

Tax Code of Conduct 2020

Responsibility Report 2019

Climate Change 2019

Thematic engagement 2019

Sustainable Development Goals 2019

Fact-finding 2019

Tax 2019

ESG in unlisted assets

Stewardship 2019

Responsibility Report 2018

ATP Group – Responsibility 2017

Responsibility Report

Report on Responsibility in investments 2015

ATP Responsibility in investments 2014

Communication on Progress to the UN Global Compact 2014