Policies for responsibility in our investments

ATP’s Supervisory Board has created three policies that determine the framework for how we invest responsibly at ATP: The policy for responsibility, the policy for stewardship and our tax policy for private equity. The aim of the policies is to ensure that ATP’s work on responsibility in investments is business-driven and based on stringent criteria.

Policy for responsibility in investments

The policy for responsibility in investments requires that we take into account the environment, climate, human rights, employee rights and management conditions in our risk management work and investment processes in line with other business conditions and risks.

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Policy for stewardship

As a responsible and long-term investor, we are actively monitoring how the companies we invest in are behaving and developing. The policy for stewardship describes the principles and processes that govern our work in this area.

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Tax policy on Unlisted Investments

Our Tax Policy on Unlisted investments  describes our approach to tax in relation to unlisted investments.

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The Committee for Responsibility

Our “Committee for Responsibility” is in charge of ensuring that responsibility issues and deliberations concerning the environment, social conditions and good corporate governance are involved in our investment analysis and investment decisions. We are a team of ESG analysts that serve the committee and implement decisions made by the committee.

New investment approach for energy utilities

In March 2020 we adopted a new policy on investments in energy utilities, which is based on four steps. The aim of the approach is to ensure that we invest in the energy utilities that show the most advanced approach to green transition,

View the four steps for investing in energy utilities