AES supervisory board

AES is managed by a Supervisory Board and a CEO. The Supervisory Board of AES is composed of the two sides of industry and consists of a chairman and eight representatives of the social partners. Bente Overgaard chairs the Supervisory Board.


Chair: Bente Overgaard

1st Deputy Chairman Anni Pilgaard (Danish Nursing Council)

Senior Consultant Jens Skovgaard Lauritsen (DA)

Assistant Director Anders Just Pedersen (DI)

OHAS Manager Anne-Marie Røge Krag (Dansk Erhverv)

Deputy Chair Morten Skov Christiansen (FH)

Chief Treasurer Ulla Sørensen (3F)

Union Secretary Jens Nielsen (FOA)

Chairman of the Employees’ Council Morten Thiessen (IDA)

Senior Consultant Birthe Oest Larsen (Medarbejder- og Kompetencestyrelsen)

Head of Department Preben Meier Pedersen (KL)

Business Committee

The Board has established a business committee consisting of Chairman Bente Overgaard, Chief Consultant Jens Skovgaard Lauritsen (DA) and Vice Chairman Morten Skov Christensen (FH).