ATP will be assisting the Danish state with contact tracing

We have been asked to manage an additional task for the state in relation to the pandemic.

The job involves assisting the Danish Ministry of Health with contact tracing in Denmark. This will be done from a temporary call centre that is to be operated by ATP and where employees will be contacting residents of Denmark who have tested positive for covid-19. 

The employees at the call centre must ensure that the person tested positive for covid-19 has the knowledge he or she needs about what practical steps to take and ask for information on “close contacts”. There will not be offered any medical advice and it is also not us, but the Danish Patient Safety Authority who will be getting in touch with these “close contacts”.

The job will begin from 15 January. How long the call centre will remain in operation depends on how the coronavirus infection rates develop.

We have been chosen to take on this job because we have a great deal of experience with establishing and operating call centres that require uniform work based on fixed instructions.

As it looks now, the call centre will be staffed by 700 full-time positions and therefore ATP is now starting a major recruitment drive.

Organisationally, the task is under Udbetaling Danmark – Public Benefits Administration.