Pension i tal (Pension - key figures)

We are publishing the report “Pension i tal” (“Pension - key figures”) which is a review of the state of the Danish pension system. The report gives insights into and provides in-depth analyses of pension benefits, the role of pension schemes, Danes retiring from the labour market and the incomes of pensioners. The latest edition is from January 2023.

Our analysis department prepares this ongoing “Pension i tal” report which provides insights into many dimensions of the Danish pension system.

Among other things, the report provides insight into the structure of the Danish pension system and schemes, figures for contributions to pensions and the incomes of pensioners, the developments related to retiring from the labour market, the impact of life expectancy and much more.

The latest report - “Pension i tal 2023” also describes the role and reach of the individual pension schemes and ATP’s role in the Danish pension system with figures and in-depth analyses.

"Pension i tal" is published only in Danish. Download the latest edition.

Michael Jørgensen

Michael Jørgensen
Chief Analyst