Research and development

ATP seeks to promote research and development within investment, pensions and actuarial science.

We achieve this through alliances with Danish and international researchers and institutions. ATP has also established a business PhD programme, in which graduates do their PhD training at ATP in cooperation with an institution of higher education.

ATP also contributes to research and development directly. In recent years, ATP has developed a business model, which is based on the latest research and development.

Pensions & Investments shares its experience and consequently publishes its own research and development in international scientific journals and industry publications.



Pitfalls and merits of cointegration-based mortality models
S. F. Jarner & S. Jallbjørn
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Optimal control of an objective functional with non-linearity between the conditional expectations: solutions to a class of time-inconsistent portfolio problems
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Dynamic Management of Portfolio Risk
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A Balanced Factor Approach to Investing
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Factor investing the ATP way
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Guaranteeing more
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A fair-value enterprise
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