Investing pension funds

ATP is a responsible and long-term investor. We invest to ensure lifelong pensions for Danes that benefit our society. Therefore, returns and responsibility go hand in hand.

Why does ATP invest?

We invest in order to ensure the highest possible pensions for all Danes throughout their lives.

This is the promise that we have made to society - and it is only by investing that we can keep that promise. This is because good, stable returns are a precondition if we are to be able to pay lifelong pensions - both now, and in the future.

At the same time, due to our size, we are able to impact our society as well. As we are managing one of Europe’s largest pension funds, we have an obligation to ensure that our investments are sustainable in the long run.

Therefore, for us, investment is a way of looking forward and working for both our society as a whole and each individual.

How do we invest?

We are here for the Danish people, and it is their money we invest. Therefore, we are open and honest about how we invest, and no matter how high our returns are, all of them are allocated to pensions.

It is our social responsibility that motivates us, and our investments reflect that responsibility. It is a constant balancing act where we have both strive to create a good return and also contribute to a more sustainable society.

In order to get the most out of our investments, we also prioritise being an active asset manager.

As co-owners of the companies we invest in, we can use our influence to help shift companies towards a direction that creates value for both their business and society. This applies to both strategy, results, risk, good corporate governance, management remuneration, diversity and social responsibility in general.

What do we invest in?

Risk diversification is a priority for ATP, and therefore, it is important that we have a broad and diverse investment portfolio.

We invest both in Denmark and abroad - for example, in bonds, real estate and infrastructure - in order to ensure the highest possible returns at the lowest possible risk.

In Denmark, we have a special role as an investor as we have invested DKK 460 bn in Denmark.

And it should be noted that green investments are also a growing focus area for investors - including ATP.

After all, climate change impacts us all, and as a long-term investor, we take the challenges seriously. It is critical for the worth of our long-term investments that we begin to increasingly focus on the green transition - both in our current and future investments. 

Interim Report 2022

Results for the ATP Group

-58 bn (DKK)
Investment return for 2022
17,4 pct.
in bonus capacity
64,7 bn (DKK)
In green investments
733 bn (DKK)
Members’ aggregate assets
108 bn (DKK)
in bonus potential
19 DKK
In administration expenses per member

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