Voting - this is how ATP is voting at annual general meetings

As part of our active ownership strategy ATP votes on annual general meetings of all of our listed equities both foreign and domestic – ATP wishes to be transparent about our voting approach. Below, you can see ATP’s entire published voting record on our “Vote disclosure site”.

ATP evaluates each proposal individually and in the specific context, that the proposal is presented in. Based on the amount of proposals that ATP is facing, it is not feasible to comprehensively and thoroughly explain every voting action on the vote disclosure site. ATP remains available to explain and contextualize any individual vote cast should questions arise.

On the vote disclosure site we have added voting rationales for the votes, that we believe are most likely to raise questions. The rationales are meant as an introductory explanation of the vote. Since we annually vote on thousands of individual ballots, it is not possible to customize every single rationale in its individual setting. Therefore the rationales should be used as a supporting element in the explanation of ATP’s votes, and not as a stand-alone full explanation.

We have created a questions and answers site, which should guide users, who wish to dive into ATP’s votes.