Digital, simple and efficient self-service

From complex casework processes to simple self-service solutions. At ATP, we are focused on the digital development that contributes to smarter ways of working and better self-service solutions that benefit Danes.

In a country like Denmark, which is a digital trendsetter, it is natural for citizens and companies to choose the self-service option when they need public benefits. At ATP, we are working in a targeted manner with digital development so that Danes can receive their welfare benefits simply and efficiently. 

Over the course of the last many years, we have therefore put a great effort into the digital development of Udbetaling Danmark. In particular, we have focused on ensuring that the self-service solutions for and are as simple and efficient as possible. 

High standards result in better solutions

Before we begin developing a new solution, we impose high standards for what its contribution should be. First and foremost, it must be easy to access for everyone that needs to use it. Secondly, it must streamline the casework processes and thereby be a worthwhile investment.  

A good example of a self-service that fits this profile is our repayment system for Udbetaling Danmark. This is used when citizens have to pay back a benefit that they were not entitled to.

We have launched a new and simple payment solution for Udbetaling Danmark which means that citizens can set up a repayment plan in instalments or pay off their debts right away.

Pia Malthe Nielsen Head of Section at Solutions & Processes – Collection/Product Development

This payment solution has both made it easier for citizens to repay their money and it has also made it faster for Udbetaling Danmark to receive the funds. In fact, currently more than 80 per cent of Udbetaling Danmark’s debts have been paid back via this solution. Digital, simple and efficient.