Processing of welfare benefits

ATP is a responsible and effective administrator. We manage Danish welfare funds by collecting and paying benefits as simply and cost-effectively as possible.

Why does ATP process welfare benefits?

ATP was created to ensure basic financial security for all Danes, both for pensions and, increasingly, via our processing business. 

As a processor of a large number of social benefits, we are part of ensuring an efficient welfare system so that the Danes get what they are entitled to on time.

We have been entrusted with this task because we have proven that we can shoulder it, as our large-scale setup allows us to deliver effectively and systematically and because we have very high standards for customer service, security and case processing.

What does ATP process?

ATP's Processing Business carries out assignments for the Danish central government, municipalities and the social partners.

The tasks are primarily related to the collection and payment of benefits such as, for example, holiday pay, rent subsidies and maternity/paternity benefits. In fact, two out of every three Danish welfare kroner are paid out by ATP. 

The different benefits can be accessed via and We have collected all information and self-service functions here so that it is easy to find. However, behind the scenes of these public portals, we are also among the organisations responsible for the case processing, customer service and the system that distributes welfare benefits to Danes. Simply and effectively.

How does ATP carry out its processing?

We are focused on quality and decency, and we are also always focused on keeping down the administration activity expenses. We do not earn money from resolving our tasks - we only have our expenses covered. This means that the savings we manage to achieve are passed on to our contracting authorities. That means more welfare for Danes when we are efficient.  

It is the politicians in Denmark who decide how to distribute this welfare. However, we assist with knowledge on how legislation can be set up so that the funds are managed effectively and securely. 

Therefore, we are very focused on innovation and technological advances that can future-proof our workflows - and make it easy and simple for Danes to engage with the public sector.  


9 schemes
are administered by The ATP Group
290 bn (DKK)
Amount that ATP paid out last year on behalf of the state, municipalities and the social partners
+2 million citizens
receive benefits from ATP each year