The organisation

Get insights into The ATP Groups organisation and view the organisational chart.

The ATP Group is Denmark’s largest pension and processing company with approximately 3,000 employees. Its headquarters are in Hillerød.

ATP is run by a Board of Representatives, a Supervisory Board and its CEO. The organisation consists of two general business areas:

  • Pensions & Investment
  • The Processing Business

There are then also a number of support functions.

​​​​​​The Processing Business

In the Processing Business, ATP administers a number of tasks on behalf of the Danish state, municipalities and the social partners. This mainly concerns the payments of social benefits and various pension and insurance schemes. Examples include ATP Livslang Pension (Lifelong Pension), the state pension, family benefits, rent subsidies, holiday pay and the processing of industrial injury claims. 

Some of the schemes are under self-governing institutions which ATP provides technical and administrative assistance to. Such institutions include, for example, Udbetaling Danmark – Public Benefits Administration, AES, LG and Seniorpension. 

The tasks are solved from ATP’s branches in Hillerød, Vordingborg, Haderslev, Holstebro and Frederikshavn.

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Pensions & Investments

ATP manages ATP Livslang Pension (Lifelong Pension), which is a monthly payment to pensioners in Denmark. We invest the money that ATP’s members pay into their ATP savings responsibly. We do this to generate returns that can ensure that a pension lasts for a full retirement period.

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As a responsible investor, we are working towards ensuring good and stable returns on the pension assets and, among other things, our investment approach is based on a strong sense of responsibility.

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